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Advanced Locksmith Service Clearwater, FL 727-322-4086Need a locksmith service to unlock your car or home? We, at Advanced Locksmith Service can come to your rescue anytime, anywhere in Clearwater, FL area. We clearly understand how terrible lockouts and other locksmith concerns can be. This is why we always have professional locksmiths ready to answer your calls. Whether it is your home, car or business place, our experts will sort a wide range of lock and key problems without delay. 


Comprehensive locksmith service for vehicles 

What if your car keys have snapped off in the ignition? Misplaced or broken car keys can disrupt your day unless you call an automotive locksmith right away. When you call Advanced Locksmith Service, we send a locksmith directly to the place where your car is parked. Just give us your location details and we will be there to unlock your vehicle, fix your ignition, create new keys and a lot more. Our professional locksmiths can fix your lock and key issue regardless of the type and model of your vehicle. 

Locksmiths for your Residence:

Missing the keys of your home can be frustrating. Fortunately, we have locksmiths who can get you inside your home without breaking a single window. Wonder how? Our professional locksmith can open all kinds of doors without damaging your property and repair your locks.      

If your keys were lost or your home was broken into, our locksmith service can provide a quick lock change to secure your home. Apart from standardized services, we can also recommend an improved system to give you and your loved ones complete peace of mind. 

Security for your Business:

Your business property is a valuable asset. For this reason, it is essential to ensure you have an intense security system to prevent unauthorized access. Call us to have a professional assess your premises to find out which high-security lock system best suits your needs. Our professional locksmiths will provide customized solutions to protect your assets and keep all your locks and keys in perfect order.

If you own a home, business or car, it’s a good idea to have a dependable locksmith agency’s number on speed dial. Luckily, our company provides true professional locksmiths to help unlock, install, maintain, develop or repair locks and keys in Clearwater, FL area. 

Regardless of the climate, time and location, call Advanced Locksmith Service, tell us your problem and we’ll come up with a quick solution!