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Don’t let your business or home fall victim to burglary. Instead, protect your property and your loved ones by installing high-security locks. However, you can’t just contact any company; you should be specific that the company you contact is reliable and trusted. This is where Advanced Locksmith Service comes in. We outfit the commercial and residential premises in Clearwater, FL area with our best high security keys ’ services and safety features. 

At Advanced Locksmith Service, we have the expertise to diagnose and repair any keys. We are fully equipped with the latest technology needed to deal with simple as well as complicated locksmith issues, be it a master key or transponder key – there isn’t any lock and key problem we can’t solve. 

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Our trained technicians are experts in the creation of high security keys. They know how to program transponder keys, replace ignition keys, ‘do not duplicate’ keys, VAT keys and repair or change locks. Our big plus is that we provide quick and efficient services since our company vans are equipped with the latest tools.   

Losing a high-security key is a very common problem. Therefore, it is highly recommended to have a spare key. However, in case you don’t have a spare, you need not worry. We will come to your help and create a new set of keys for your residence, car or business, regardless of the make and model of the key required.  

Key Cutting Proficiency:

If you are experiencing a difficulty in locking/unlocking the door, your keys are probably not cut properly. Key cutting is a precise technique. At Advanced Locksmith Service, we carefully cut down each corner of the key to precisely match it to the original set of keys or create a new key that turns the lock seamlessly. 

Specialist at your Doorstep: 

If your master key is missing, fails to work or you have locked keys in your residence, car or office, you just need to dial our number. Our expert technicians operate on a 24-hour schedule so no matter what time of day or night you need locksmith service, you can always reach us. 

Our professionals are well-trained to provide high security key making services with high customer satisfaction and a competitive price tag. Whenever you need a specialist for your locksmith needs in Clearwater, FL area, be sure to choose Advanced Locksmith Service!