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Locks keep evolving as the years go by, as we see advancements in both mechanical and electronic technology used to make these locks. These days, it’s almost impossible for anyone without a thorough knowledge of the intricacies of the locking mechanism to service or repair it. Advanced Locksmith Service is a professional locksmith service that operates a team of dedicated, trained technicians in the Clearwater, FL 33759. Our locksmiths are trained to recognize a wide variety of locks and have experience with working with them too. We can handle most locksmithing requests – be they commercial, automotive or residential – in a matter of minutes.   

We maintain a fleet of mobile locksmith units that can reach all areas of zip code 33759 quickly. Our vans are fitted with cutting-edge locksmithing tools and machines, which enables us to handle locksmithing requests onsite. 

WHAT DOES Advanced Locksmith Service OFFER?

Automotive, commercial and residential locksmith

We offer a comprehensive range of automotive, commercial and residential locksmithing services. You can contact us if you get locked out of your car, home or office. We can replace the locks on your door, provide spare keys, reprogram old keys, make new keys, and install high quality locks and unlocked jammed locks and trunks. 

24/7 emergency locksmith service 

We are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can rely on our services at 3am in the morning or even during holidays. We charge only a reasonable base fee for emergency work, no matter when you request it. 

Mobile Locksmith services 

Advanced Locksmith Service is a mobile locksmith. We are available to you in all areas of Clearwater, FL 33759 and also in the greater Clearwater, FL area. Most of our work is performed onsite, and we can handle most tasks in hours, if not minutes. 

Advanced Locksmith Service is a go-to locksmith for all your lock-related security needs. Advanced Locksmith Service Clearwater, FL 727-322-4086


  • Emergency lockout service
  • Jammed trunk unlock  
  • Business security upgrade
  • New car keys or door keys
  • Damaged lock repair and replacement
  • Lock rekeying
  • Tenant eviction service
  • Mailbox locks, garage locks, cabinet locks and window locks
  • High-security locks
  • Key replacement
  • Lock upgrades or reprogramming
  • Ignition switch replacement, repair
  • Emergency exit lock installed

Advanced Locksmith Service runs a well-trained team that can handle most lock-related emergencies without any problem in Zip code 33759. We believe in providing a cost-effective service you can trust. We can also be consulted with for free, if you need security recommendations for your home or your business. Call Advanced Locksmith Service today on 727-322-4086 and get access to our comprehensive locksmithing services today!