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Advanced Locksmith Service Clearwater, FL 727-322-4086Breaking a key inside a lock creates an unpleasant situation. Not only do you end up with a wasted key, but you also find no means to unlock the lock even with a spare key. Though it doesn’t happen all the time, it can result in you being helplessly locked out of your own property. When you are experiencing such situations, call Advanced Locksmith Service for its broken key extraction services. Our crew of technical locksmiths have years of experience and can remove keys from any make and model of the lock without causing any damage making us the perfect choice for all your key extraction requirements in Clearwater, FL area.    

Why do you need a professional?

It is advised not to try extracting a broken key without the proper tools, since it may damage the lock further making the repair task hard and nearly impossible. At Advanced Locksmith Service, we provide broken key extraction services in Clearwater, FL and beyond for all types of locks. If you’re looking to fix the issue in a timely and hassle-free manner, then it is better to call our professionals.  

Reliable key extraction service

Whether it is your home or vehicle or a commercial property, a key breaking off in your lock can ruin your entire schedule. In fact, the situation may turn sour, since a portion of the broken key may prevent your door from closing and potentially expose your property to high risk of theft. When this kind of emergency occurs, you need a timely and professional response from a reliable locksmith service. This is where Advanced Locksmith Service comes in. With our broken key extraction service, you can rest assured that you will get back to your regular schedule as quickly as possible. Not only are our professional locksmiths able to remove the broken key rapidly, but they can also cut a new key right on the spot.

24 hour Services:

The next time you require key removal service for commercial, automobile or residential needs - think of Advanced Locksmith Service. Our expert technicians can assist you efficiently and quickly at any time of the day/night. We perform a full range of broken key extraction services at a minimal cost and don’t charge a dime extra even if you call us after midnight.
Calling an unprofessional service provider could leave you making a call to another professional company rather quickly. Get it right the first time by choosing Advanced Locksmith Service for all your broken key extraction needs in Clearwater, FL area.